What’s up?

Hi there guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted something here! I know I know! I should have spent my time writing my thoughts here rather than laying my ass up in bed and procrastinate! Uggghhh. I just thought I wanted something relevant to write and share but with what’s going on lately, I thought there’s nothing really new about me UNTIL I REALIZE OTHERWISE!

I actually had a new phone! *clap clap* This is actually kinda big deal for me because the money I used in buying this phone is from my own pocket. I just realized that  two to three weeks after I started working, my parents weren’t actually giving me any money and that everything I spent from the food I ate to the clothes I bought were form my salary and YEAH! that includes the new phone too! How cool is that? HAHA

It actually makes me feel really happy because I am not just using my own money, nor just giving help for my family as I pay our house’s monthly mortgage, I am actually contributing to the society as well! I AM PAYING TAXES! I just hope the contribution I make among others goes back to the society in forms of services and economic progress! SCREW THE CORRUPT!

How about you? How are you? Was there anything new about you lately? I’d love to hear it! 🙂

P.S. Take a look at some of the “SELFIES” I took from my new phone! HAHAHA

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About jillnadineatis

I am always happy. That is why when I am sad, it is really evident. But that is not for long! Because I always find ways to bounce back with a smile in my face :)

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