The Anatomy Of A Heartbreak


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Maybe it happens when you give him a kiss on the cheek on a January morning, after you’ve spent all weekend eating Chinese takeout and studying biology and you go to class with a feeling in the back of your stomach of maybe this is it, maybe we’re more than friends, maybe when we both watched Usual Suspects in our pajamas Sunday morning and fell into each other’s arms and it felt strange and sparkly – maybe that’s because this is it. And then he’s leaning back in his chair and gazing at that lovely girl with strawberry hair in the corner, and he texts her and she smiles and he nudges you from his seat, mouthing I’m pretty sure my Friday is booked now, with a wink. You smile back and tell him he loves sex too much, and he laughs at you and nudges you again just…

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Like what i’ve told you earlier on my post, today was my exam day for civil examination.

This is what they call as an eligibility test for all Filipinos to take if they want to work in the government.

Anyways, sadly and unfortunately today, I was really sick! I ate my breakfast and vomit.the second I took it. I went there and was dizzy and weakly the whole time. I vomit threeeee times! GROSS! I actually didn’t think I did my best, but I tried what I could do given my sistuation. I just wish I did good enough to pas. 😦

That was the longest three hours of my life!


Hi guys,

It’s 4:00am here in the Phillipines and later this morning, i’ll be having an exam.

Wish me luck, please?

But I just wanted to share one of the most remarkable words from our dearest teacher in Political Science back when I was still in college.

“There is no amount of expensive guard that could hide an empty shell.”

We should love to learn as this takes us to places. As they say, knowledge is power. And with what our teacher has said, I realized that it’s not the money that defies your success, but the learning, the knowledge you received upon journeying your life.

A sexy brain is hot, you know?

Wish me luck on my exam guys! 🙂

Courage, Vulnerability, And Just Being Human

So, I’m vulnerably courageous!

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“You have more courage than me,” he said in response.

I had just confessed to someone that I had begun to think of him as more than a friend.

The feeling was not mutual, but having courage was my consolation prize. It’s good to be courageous, but I hadn’t thought of my bold proclamation as an act of courage – I thought of it more as an act of impatience on my own part.

I didn’t want to wait and see what, if anything, would unfold with the right portions of time and space and dare-I-say destiny. I couldn’t quite muster the energy to do the socially acceptable thing, to stick it out, to drop hints and pick up on semi-subtle cues. I just wanted to know where I stood, for better or for worse.

The quick way. Ripping off the band-aid.

For the record, you know you’re not terribly…

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Where art thou?

It has been almost 7 months since that bittersweet graduation of ours. That was the last time I saw several of my classmates as well. Some of them went to Law School, others ventured the employment world  (like me wink* wink*) and others… ahmmm I just don’t have any idea!  Where are they now?

I hope I will be able to see them soon! for a reunion perhaps? where we can debate about the country’s current political situation? Or about how good Junar (that gigantic cutie pie in the picture) has become in bluffing as he entered law school? HAHA



I actually miss the way we talk LOUDLY (we were once, twice or many times reprimanded by that!). I miss how we spend our supposed “Study Periods” only chatting and laughing our hearts out from the most sensible to the most meaningless things.  I miss the way we used to post on our individual social media sites our complains for our non-cooperative, exhausted, and almost lifeless brains late at night trying to finish paperwork or take-home exams. I miss the way everybody gets nervous for an upcoming graded recitation. I miss how it was clearly difficult and at the same time humbling for us to undergo college TOGETHER.

Or maybe this is just a long way of saying I really miss them.


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What’s up?

Hi there guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted something here! I know I know! I should have spent my time writing my thoughts here rather than laying my ass up in bed and procrastinate! Uggghhh. I just thought I wanted something relevant to write and share but with what’s going on lately, I thought there’s nothing really new about me UNTIL I REALIZE OTHERWISE!

I actually had a new phone! *clap clap* This is actually kinda big deal for me because the money I used in buying this phone is from my own pocket. I just realized that  two to three weeks after I started working, my parents weren’t actually giving me any money and that everything I spent from the food I ate to the clothes I bought were form my salary and YEAH! that includes the new phone too! How cool is that? HAHA

It actually makes me feel really happy because I am not just using my own money, nor just giving help for my family as I pay our house’s monthly mortgage, I am actually contributing to the society as well! I AM PAYING TAXES! I just hope the contribution I make among others goes back to the society in forms of services and economic progress! SCREW THE CORRUPT!

How about you? How are you? Was there anything new about you lately? I’d love to hear it! 🙂

P.S. Take a look at some of the “SELFIES” I took from my new phone! HAHAHA

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