Messy Me

I have been crazy with this song for quite sometime now. Yes! I am crazy over this just for months because apparently, I am a loser. I never knew this song ever existed until a few months ago.

And Yes! The very first time I heard it, I went with unstopping clicks for replay. I knew then that I was captivated by its melody, by HIS voice and of course, by its lyrics.

I somehow feel loved by this song. It’s as if no matter who I am who’s definitely imperfect and sinful can be loved and will be loved by someone who sees me through. That I am in fact, loved because of these imperfections that reflects my humanity and mistakes that helped me learn and become who I am at the present.

Who doesn’t want to feel loved, right?

Go ahead, you listen to it. 🙂

About jillnadineatis

I am always happy. That is why when I am sad, it is really evident. But that is not for long! Because I always find ways to bounce back with a smile in my face :)

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