Diploma: Proud and Happy

This is my first ever piece for this blog. You know, it’s just a few days ago that I have decided to put this tiny space of the milky-wayish internet universe some deep thoughts that I have (I don’t even know which is which, what you call this and that. I am confused how different a page is from a blog or article from a post or whatever! Please bear with me. HAHA).

Well, just so you know. I am 20 years old and it has been 6 months since I graduated A.B. Political Science. Whoow! Just reminiscing the past 4 years still leaves me that feel of surprise– How did I survive college?

Not to boast (well, just saying this statement makes me feel boasting anyways), I graduated with no failing marks. I can still remember my mom telling me during my freshman year that one failing subject would definitely mean a transfer of school. This is perhaps her one way of saying “You don’t have the mind to deserve an expensive school.” Yes! I apparently graduated in one of the most prominent school in Davao City, or in our country for that matter. And sadly, here in the Philippines good universities is almost synonymous to expensive.

AdDU Seal

AdDU Seal

Ateneo de Davao University from the outside

Ateneo de Davao University from the outside

I know what I promised my mom the moment I agreed with her rule, that is to be able to present her and our family my Diploma after 8 semesters. But I never knew back then how different and difficult it is to be in college. Did I mention I live in a neighboring island called IGACOS or Samal? This meant travelling almost an hour and a half just to go to school which included motor banca or lantsa (which courses the Davao Gulf) and jeepney rides (cheapest and most common mode of transportation).

Typical scenario inside the motor banca

Typical scenario inside the motor banca

This motor banca travels for 15 minutes to get to Davao City

This motor banca travels for 15 minutes to get to Davao City

Not having the motor banca 24 hours open for service added to the challenge. I had to make sure that I come home early to make it to the 11:00pm time limit of its service. I had to skip long-hours of meetings, practices, activities and other academic and non-academic stuff just to survive my set-up. It’s good to know however that I have close friends and relatives that I can sleep over with if I won’t be able to make it in time.

I am not like those consistent dean’s listers who impressed their teachers/professor with their whooping grades, nor that really hardworking lad who spent almost 60% of her college life at libraries. In fact I am one of those typical teenagers who like to drink, go for road trips, and are up to night-outs for movies or whatever. I’m just that “GO” girl who loves to have fun.  And being able to “BALANCE” everything, I think, was an accomplishment. I’ve had my fair share of craziness and mistakes which taught me a lot. I even fell in love in college which I think was a bad idea! But that’s another story. HAHA

But hey! Here I am, I graduated and I was able to fulfill my implicit promise to my family and self. Just imagine the feeling of being able to fulfill and surpass something really challenging. All I am saying is, sometimes it’s good to be proud of yourself, celebrate what you have become and from that, you can start giving yourself a chance to be better.

I Survived!

I Survived!

Let me know what your thoughts are! I’d love to meet you on Twitter or Facebook 🙂


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I am always happy. That is why when I am sad, it is really evident. But that is not for long! Because I always find ways to bounce back with a smile in my face :)

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