Sorry People In A Relationship, Being Single Is Actually Better

Being single rules! 🙂

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Single people! Let’s rally!

Granted, I am in a very happy relationship and maybe shouldn’t be the spokesperson for you, single people — though, I don’t know, let me make my claim because someone needs to say something in our favor!

Before this relationship, I was THAT SINGLE GIRL in your group of friends who was just never dating anyone ever. Like, you know that girl? You wonder about that girl. You have questions about how she lives her life. You don’t get why she just doesn’t get a boyfriend. I was that girl.

I have over two decades of experience being MAD SINGLE. Like, the type of single where you’re not even remotely texting someone you might be interested in. There is no one to text. The type of single where if my lightbulb went out in my bedroom and I couldn’t reach it, forget it because there was…

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I Want Irrational Love

I want a love that will change me, alter me, add to me; spin new neural networks in my brain matter like shiny silver webs.

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I want a love that will breathe life back into my sleeping viscera. I want a love that crushes my past half-lives into a fine dust, a love that obliterates the crumpled strung out papery cutouts, a love that scribbles the last word and seals the letter. I want a love that will change me, alter me, add to me; spin new neural networks in my brain matter like shiny silver webs. I want a love that will make the word itself feel heavy, oversaturated with a strange, exhilarating weight.

No, I don’t want to be reasonable. I don’t want to make the “responsible choice” — I know you’re not it but you’re what I want. I want you because I can’t chart you, because I don’t want to chart you, because even if I did I wouldn’t know how. I don’t want to schedule time with you. I don’t…

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15 Words To Remember When You’re Going Through A Rough Time

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1. Amnesia

15 Words To Remember When You're Going Through A Rough TimeIt’s never as easy as we’d like it to be, but forgetting is a necessity in instances that call for us to leave the past in the past. We must be able to have amnesia whether it be in regards to getting rejected for a job or cheated on by an ex. In forgetting you will find freedom. Unfortunately, as humans it’s not as simple as an eraser swiping at penciled scribbles, in fact it actually takes a conscious effort to catch yourself when you’re dwelling, and remind yourself to forget those memories.

2. Future

15 Words To Remember When You're Going Through A Rough Time
By being alive right now, you have a future. Sure, it could be scheduled to end in two hours or it might last for the next 70 years. The concern shouldn’t necessarily be with the quantity so much as the quality. Making right now count. Dreaming of a brighter future is good…

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Why I Pretend I Don’t Like You Like That

Life story of the fearful. Too afraid to be rejected. Too scared to know the truth! 😦

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I’m pretending that I don’t like you like that, and I bet you don’t even know. Why would you? I’ve put a lot of effort into this charade, and I’m pulling it off with such ease I’ve almost even convinced myself that I don’t like you like that. Sort of like that creepy thing people do when they’re sad and just smile anyway; eventually the smile becomes real, and the forced weirdness just fades away.

So listen, instead of telling you I like you like that, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you about some other guy I think is hot or who I’ve slept with recently. Maybe I want you to get jealous, but mostly I just want you to get the impression that I don’t like you like that. I’ll probably hit you in the arm when you say something funny, or brush…

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Love Hate :)

Love Hate 🙂

Love is one of the most difficult thing to figure out as it makes you feel the extremes of happiness and sadness, the highs of joy and pain. It either motivates and inspires or destructs and drags you down. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of you handle the situation, how you carry on and live like you were never hurt before. This playlist is composed of songs that expresses feelings of love, may it be the happy or the sad ones. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂